Erotic Fantasy

When we talk about erotic fantasy, then many people would related that only with men and they would never think that women can also have some kind of erotic fantasies or sexual fetish. However, fact is quite different than this opinion because many women can have really kinky fantasy or desires. Here, I am sharing some of those sexual desires that are very common among all the women including blondes, brunette, redhead and others.

Bondage: It does not matter that you are having a sexual relationship with some sexy blondes or other girls, many women like the bondage sex. In this kind of sexual relationship females wish to bind their male partner and they hot blondewish to take the charge for same. If we talk about the erotic fantasy of men then it might not be an uncommon thing, but as soon as we relate this erotic fantasy with blondes, then we start considering it as an uncommon thing.

Sexy costumes: Men like those blondes that wear sexy school dresses, nurse costume or similar dresses. This erotic fantasy is not limited with men and many girls also have the same kind of sexual desire. They also like it if their male partner wears some costume or special dresses like a police uniform or super hero costume. Many blondes feel sexy when they think about having this kind of sex with their male partner.

Sex with stranger: Sexual relationship with a complete stranger is another erotic fantasy that is common among blondes, brunets or other girls. They feel very excited when they think about having sex with a complete stranger and they do not consider this as a big taboo. Some blondes also ask their male partners to do the role playing activity so they can get more pleasure and fun with their sexual relationship.

Threesome: Many blondes and other girls can have erotic fantasy of having a threesome. Men may assume that they have monopoly in this particular fetish, but that is not true at all. As a matter of fact many girls want to have sex with two men at a time and sometime this count of men can be higher as well for few females. That means these females can think about having a hard thing in each of their hole.

Sex in public: This might be the kinkiest erotic fantasy of hot blondes or other women, and some men may never believe on it. But this is also a fact and many women wish to have a sexual relation with their partner at a public

place such as beach, park or cinema hall. Other than this, they may also have a desire to have sex in a running car or similar other places.

Also, this is not the entire list of erotic fantasy that sexy blondes or other women can have and if you will do some research then you will be able to add many other fantasies also in this list. So, if you are still in this assumption that only men can have sexy desires or erotic fantasy then you should change your opinion about it.