‘Machos Alfa’, the new series that questions masculinity

During the holidays I have been one of those who has been hooked on one of the Netflix news (and it has been aired in a blink, I do not hide). But the combination of a series that reflects on masculinity, along with a touch of comedy and casting , was too tempting. Alpha Males does many things well. The first and most obvious is to put on the table that men are no longer the same.

Or perhaps they are the same, but it is society that has changed and that forces them to change. And that, in a country like Spain, where the figures for gender violence continue to give us goosebumps on a daily basis, is to talk about the elephant that was (and still is) in the room.

Machos Alfa the new series that questions masculinityThe changes in roles, how relationships progress and mutate over time and, of course, feminism, are some of the common threads in the lives of the four protagonists .

I also have to say that Machos Alfa is far from perfect.

That the portraits of certain women, as deranged and threatening with such toxic behaviors, such as putting someone’s physical integrity in danger or threatening, have grated on me. Because, although there may be cases like this, they are not what the statistics reflect in terms of the gender of those guilty of violence. I have been co-driver with my ex-boyfriend while he switched to the opposite lane in the middle of Castellana and accelerated, after telling him that I wanted to end the relationship.

And I know of friends who have had similar experiences. Seeing it on the small screen, almost like a comedy gag , with the roles reversed, it was like the person you start to like a lot makes you gaslight. As if the series were telling me that well, whoever hears something like that has every right to be like that and that in the end, it’s not so terrible, until a little funny.

Only when you’re the one who can’t get out of the car , he doesn’t do it at all.

In Machos Alfa the world is a bit upside down, they are the successful ones, the ones who want open relationships, the ones who only use Tinder to fuck, the ones who manipulate and take advantage of sex to achieve their goals.

And they are the ones who suffer , who find themselves unjustly thrown out of their home, from their previous life or those who are immersed in a dating spiral in which, apparently, they have no interest, but then their demands increase in terms of the physical appearance of his ‘suitors’.

All in all, I keep the positive of Macho Alfa and that is that there is a series that touches on these issues (and has crowned the top 10 of the most popular streaming platform for more than a week).

Because it reminds us of the importance of talking about things, and if fiction does anything, it is to give visibility to the machismo of a masculinity that was crying out for an update .

Since everything that is not talked about, it is as if it did not exist, Netflix’s bet focuses on yes, there are many things to change , that it cannot be reified, continue making compliments left and right, calling ” pussies”, “slut”.

But also that emotions should be able to be expressed and, for me, the final conclusion, that men also need that support network where they feel safe and themselves.

Have I perhaps lacked the realism of what the female characters are in order to feel more identified with them? Definitely.

I justify it as being a fictional series, but I am waiting to see what will happen in a second season -which I have little doubt that there will be, given the success of the series-, where I trust that the representation will be less fantastic.

And, please, do not end with a lady spitting in anyone’s face, another thing that has happened to me -when I gave a comb to a person who was yelling compliments at me from a bicycle- and that, curiously, like the one who He was going 120 km/h on the Castellana, he was also a man.

Is it a small step for Netflix, but a giant step for the new masculinities? I hope to see you soon.